Who We Are – Star Trec Holdings LLC

StarTrec Holdings LLC has been in business since 2016. StarTrec Holdings LLC is a nationally recognized real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition and development of all types of properties.

We have been a force in the market since conception and have rehabbed over 100 properties.

StarTrec Holdings LLC founders have an eye for turning over dismantled properties into beautiful homes. We have used the same concept for all of our Multi Family properties.

What We Offer – Star Trec Holdings LLC

Here at StarTrec Holdings LLC we sell all of our single family properties and most of our two family properties. If you are interested in any of our properties, please call us anytime a dedicated StarTrec Holdings LLC employee will be glad to assist you.

Sell us your property
We are constantly looking to purchase more properties if you are an owner or a broker and have a property that you are looking to sell give us a call we will give you an offer within the hour. If you are an investor and looking for financial backing and are looking for a joint venture we are open to that as well.

The owners of the company have a combined 15 years of experience througout the Tri State area. We have purchased over 30 Million dollars of real estate though out the years. We believe in excellence above all else we take pride in the product we produce. We do everything in house from getting the deals to the construction.

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